How to Make Moving with Kids and Pets Easier

Moving can be a stressful experience, and when you add kids and pets into the mix, the stress can escalate quickly. However, with some thoughtful planning and organization, you can make the process smoother for everyone involved. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make moving with kids and pets easier.

Plan Ahead

Start Early

Begin your preparations well in advance. Moving involves a lot of tasks that can become overwhelming if left until the last minute. Create a moving checklist and timeline to help keep track of everything that needs to be done.


Talk to your kids about the move as early as possible. Explain why you’re moving and what they can expect. Be honest and open and encourage them to express their feelings. For pets, changes in routine can be stressful, so try to maintain their regular schedule as much as possible in the lead-up to the move.

Involve the Kids

Make It Exciting

Turn the move into an adventure. Show your kids pictures of the new house and neighborhood. Highlight fun aspects like a new bedroom, a nearby park, or local attractions. Involving them in the process can help alleviate anxiety and create excitement.

Give Them Tasks

Assign age-appropriate tasks to your kids. Younger children can help pack their toys, while older kids can be responsible for labeling boxes or packing their own belongings. This involvement gives them a sense of control and responsibility.

Plan for Pets

Visit the Vet

Take your pets to the vet for a check-up before the move. Ensure their vaccinations are up to date and ask for any necessary records to take with you. If you’re moving far, inquire about any health considerations related to travel.

Pack a Pet Bag

Prepare a bag with essentials for your pet, including food, water, bowls, toys, bedding, and any medications. Having these items easily accessible will help keep your pet comfortable during the transition.

Packing Tips


Use the move as an opportunity to declutter. Go through your belongings and decide what to keep, donate, or discard. Involving kids in this process can teach them valuable lessons about organization and giving.

Label Boxes Clearly

Clearly label all your boxes with their contents and the room they belong to. This will make unpacking more manageable and help ensure essential items are easy to find.

Pack an Essentials Box

Pack a box with essential items you’ll need right away at the new house. Include toiletries, a change of clothes, snacks, important documents, and any necessary items for your kids and pets. This will save you from rummaging through boxes on your first night in the new home.

Moving Day

Hire Help

Hire professional movers to help with the heavy lifting, packing, transportation or your items to your new home and unpacking. This can significantly reduce your stress and allow you to focus on your kids and pets. Hiring a moving company can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Efficiency: Professional movers are experienced and can pack, load, and unload your belongings quickly and efficiently.
  2. Safety: Movers are trained to handle heavy and fragile items safely, reducing the risk of damage or injury.
  3. Convenience: A moving company takes care of the entire moving process, saving you time and stress. (Giving you more time to focus on your children and pets 😊)
  4. Insurance: Professional movers offer insurance coverage for your belongings, providing financial protection in case of damage or loss.
  5. Equipment and Tools: Moving companies have the necessary equipment and tools, such as dollies, straps, and padding, to move items securely and efficiently.
  6. Expertise: Professional movers have the expertise to handle all types of moves, including long-distance and complex relocations.
  7. Cost-Effective: When you factor in the cost of renting a truck, buying packing materials, and taking time off work, hiring a moving company can be more cost-effective.
  8. Customized Services: Many moving companies offer customized services such as packing, unpacking, and storage solutions to meet your specific needs.

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

On moving day, it’s best to keep kids and pets away from the chaos. Arrange for a friend or family member to watch them or hire a sitter for the day. If that’s not possible, set up a safe, quiet space for them in an empty room with some of their favorite items.

Transporting Pets

If you’re driving, make sure your pets are secure in the car. Use a pet carrier or a pet seatbelt harness to ensure their safety. Take regular breaks to give them water and allow them to stretch their legs. If you’re flying, check the airline’s requirements for pet travel well in advance.

Settling In

Unpack Kids’ Rooms First

Make it a priority to set up your kids’ rooms first. Having their own space set up will help them feel more at home and provide a sense of stability. Let them arrange their belongings and decorate their room to their liking.

Create a Pet-Friendly Space

Set up a designated area for your pet with their bed, toys, and food and water bowls. This will give them a sense of familiarity and comfort in the new environment.

Explore Together

Take some time to explore your new neighborhood together. Find nearby parks, playgrounds, and pet-friendly areas. Familiarizing yourselves with the new surroundings can help everyone feel more settled.

Maintain Routines

Stick to Schedules

Try to maintain your usual routine as much as possible. Consistent mealtimes, bedtimes, and playtimes can provide a sense of normalcy for kids and pets during the transition.

Be Patient

Adjusting to a new home takes time. Be patient with your kids and pets as they adapt to the changes. Offer reassurance and support and give them the time they need to feel comfortable.

Addressing Emotions

Listen and Reassure

Moving can be an emotional experience, especially for kids. Listen to their concerns and provide reassurance. Validate their feelings and remind them that it’s okay to feel anxious or sad about the change.

Stay Positive

Maintain a positive attitude about the move. Your optimism and enthusiasm can help set the tone for your kids and make the transition feel like a positive adventure rather than a daunting task.

Building New Routines

Establish New Habits

Once you’re settled in, work on establishing new routines that fit your new home and lifestyle. This might include new chore schedules, family activities, or pet care routines.

Get Involved

Encourage your kids to get involved in the new community. Look for local clubs, sports teams, or activities that align with their interests. For pets, find local parks, walking routes, or pet-friendly cafes to explore together.


Moving with kids and pets doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With careful planning, open communication, and a positive mindset, you can make the transition smoother for everyone involved. By involving your kids in the process, maintaining routines, and providing plenty of reassurance, you can help them adapt to their new home with ease. Similarly, by planning ahead for your pets’ needs and ensuring their comfort, you can make the move less stressful for them. Embrace the adventure and look forward to the new opportunities that your new home will bring.

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