2 Dudes Moving Lexington Kentucky

People always ask how we got started and how we devised our name, so here is a little background on how “The Dudes” came to be. In the summer of 2010 the company founder, Andrew Carey, was finishing up his second semester of graduate school at the University of Kentucky and he needed to find a good summer job to help cover the cost of tuition. As most college students, Andrew had moved several times throughout his college career with the help of his parents’ truck and trailer, but he always wondered what he would do if they weren’t there to help. Instead of applying around town for a summer job, he decided to create his own job and borrowed his father’s cargo trailer and elicited the help of a friend who had a truck (a Bronco to be exact) and 2 Dudes & A Bronco was born. Although the name still lives on, to meet the needs of our clients, we had to trade in the Bronco for larger trucks, change the name to 2 Dudes Moving and add a few more dudes. Since the beginning, Andrew has made it his goal to provide customers with a quality moving service at an affordable price. It is that principle that has allowed us to continue to satisfy clients across the Commonwealth since 2010.


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